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After the Prestige oil spill in November 2002, Ministry of Science and Technology (MCyT) of Spanish Government, at that time, decided to coordinate all the scientific actions relating to the oil spill Prestige tanker through a "Scientific Framework Plan". Most of the actions related to the aforementioned Framework Plan was financed by Ministry in charge of an Special Action. Aims of this Action was taken in the Scientific Intervention Programme.

For the economic-administrative management of this Action, the Ministry and Vigo University signed a collaboration agreement. In this sense, MCyT granted to Vigo University an economic allowance to the value of 6.097.000 € within the framework of Order CTE/1388/2002 May 31st, which published the official announcement of economic aids in order to carry out Special Actions inside the framework of some programmes of National Plan 2002-2003 for Technologic Innovation, Development and Scientific Research.

In the collaboration agreement was settled that Vigo University delegated in the Scientific Coordination Commission, appointed by Ministry of Science and Technology, scientific coordination of Special Action. This Commission decided to approve several Urgent Special Actions which responsibility of execution goes to different institutions.

Later, CTE/634/2003 Order, March 18th (BOE 21/03/2003), published an extraordinary official announcement of aids to carry out scientific research and technologic development projects, opening an official announcement of Programme of Ministry for Public Works for Technical Research (PROFIT) related to Natural and Environmental Programmes of National Plan of Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I), inside the framework of Strategic Action (MEC) related to research and development actions against accidental marine spills (VEM2003 Projects). A period of three years was established for these projects, and to this official announcement of 2003 was added another new official announcement (ECI/1388/2004 Order) in 2004 (VEM-2004 Projects), also for three years.

Also, Scientific Coordination Commission assign several research projects in 2004, financed by the Strategic Action, for covering specific studies that the Commission had decided advisable for reinforcing (Complementary Actions 2004).

Finally, the creation of the Coordination Technical Bureau against Accidental Marine Spills was considered within the Scientific Intervention Programme. This bureau is responsible for management and coordination works that Scientific Coordination Commission determines. The Technical Bureau is answerable to the Office of Vice-Rector for Research of Vigo University and to the MCyT.

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