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Eastern boundary upwelling ecosystem. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. 02-06/06/2008
ASLO 2008 Summer Meeting: 'Interactions on the Edge'. St. John's, Newfoundland - Canada. 08-13/06/2008
[Abstracts Deadline: 28/02/2008]
The Crustacean Society 2008 Summer Meeting. Galveston, Texas-USA. 09-13/06/2008
[Abstracts Deadline: 05/05/2008]
2nd Joint GOSUD/SAMOS Workshop. Seattle, WA, USA. 10-12/06/2008
Summer School in Underwater Acoustics. Heraklion, Crete. 18-27/06/2008
Marine Taxonomy Workshop, a workshop on biodiversity informatics for marine species taxonomic experts. Ostend, Belgium. 20-21/06/2008
EMBO workshop on Microbial diversity and metagenomics: science, technology, applications & regulatory affairs. Chalkidiki, Greece. 21-24/06/2008
[Deadline: 09/05/2008]
3rd GBIRM's Workshop. Heraklion, Greece. 23-24/06/2008
Workshop: Profet Policy - FP5/FP6 North Sea Fisheries Research. Copenhagen, Denmark. 23-24/06/2008
[Registration Deadline: 23/05/2008]
AMEMR Symposium 2008: Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research. Plymouth (UK). 23-26/06/2008
1st European Argo Users' Workshop. National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK. 24-25/06/2008.
[Registration]  [Leafleft]
SeaSink 2008. Porto, Portugal. 26-28/06/2008
[Proposals Deadline: 15/03/2008]
Royal Meteorological Society: Advances in Southern Ocean meteorology and physical oceanography. NOCS, Southampton, UK. 28/06/2008
8th Larval Biology Symposium. 06-11/07/2008. Lisbon, Portugal.
[Registration Deadline: 30/04/2008]
Coping with global change in marine social-ecological systems. 08-10/07/2008. FAO, Rome, Italy.
SCAR/IASC IPY Open Science Conference: Polar Research - Arctic and Antarctic Perspectives in the International Polar Year. St. Petersburg, Russia. 8-11/07/2008
Coping with global change in marine social-ecological systems. Rome, Italy. 8-11/07/2008
Las Ciencias Marinas para el Cambio Global III. Curso Escuela sobre Ciencias y Tecnologías Marinas "Augusto González de Linares". [inscripción]. Santander, Spain. 16-18/07/2008.
ESOF2008: EuroScience Open Forum. Barcelona, Spain. 18-22/07/2008.
Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) Summer Workshop. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, MA, USA. 21-24/07/2008
LFC2008: 32nd Annual Larval Fish Conference. Kiel, Germany. 04-07/08/2008
[Registration & Abstracts Deadline: 31/05/2008]
4th International Symposium on Gis/Spatial Analyses in Fishery and Aquatic Sciences. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 25-29/08/2008
[Abstracts and Registration Deadline: 15/06/2008]
Physiomar 08: Physiological aspects of reproduction, nutrition and growth of "Marine molluscs in a changing environment". Brest, France. 01-04/09/2008
[Abstracts Deadline: 29/02/2008]
XV SIEBM: Simpósio Ibérico de Estudos de Biologia Marinha. Funchal, Ilha da Madeira, Portugal. 02-06/09/2008
9CCDM: IX Colloquium Crustacea Decapoda Mediterranea. Torino, Italy. 02-06/09/2008
5th Congress of the European Malacological Societies. Ponta Delgada-São Miguel, Açores Islands. Portugal. 02-06/09/2008
10th IGAC Conference: International Global Atmospheric Chemistry.  Annecy, France. 07-12/09/2008
[Early bird registration: 31/05/2008]
International workshop: "Data poor modelling towards ecosystem fisheries management". [tríptico pdf]. Majorca, Spain. 08-09/09/2008.
13th Biennial Challenger Conference for Marine Science.  Bangor University, Wales, UK. 08-11/09/2008
IX CCDM: Colloquium Crustacea Decapoda Mediterranea. Torino, Italy. 09-13/09/2008
7th European Seminar on Marine Mammals: Biology and Conservation. [tríptico pdf]. UIMP. Valencia, Spain. 15-19/09/2008.
International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) Annual Science Conference.  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 22-26/09/2008
FerryBox and Ship of Opportunity Meeting.  National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK. 29-30/09/2008
[ECSA 44 Symposium] Science and management of estuaries and coasts: A tale of two hemispheres. Bahía Blanca, Argentina. 29/09/2008-03/10/2008
8th Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society (EMS) and the Seventh European Conference on Applied Climatology (EGAC). Amsterdam, Netherlands. 29/09/2008-03/10/2008
[Abstract deadline: 16/05/2008]
2nd Symposium on ‘The Ocean in a High-CO2 World’. Monaco. 6-09/10/2008
[Abstract deadline: 31/05/2008]
Ocean Optics XIX. Il Ciocco, Tuscany, Italy. 6-10/10/2008
DISCO XXI: Dissertations Symposium on Chemical Oceanography. East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. 5-10/10/2008
OCO 2008: Operational Coastal Oceanography Conference. Brest, France. 13-14/10/2008
XV Congreso Nacional de Oceanografía y la II Reunión Internacional de Ciencias Marina. Veracruz, México. 13-18/10/2008
2nd Mediterranean & Black Sea ICM 08 International Conference/Worksho: Immediate Needs for Research, Training/Education & Implementation. Akyaka, Turkey. 14-18/10/2008
[Abstract submission: 09/06/2008]
WFC2008: 5th World Fisheries Congress. Fisheries for Global Welfare and Environmental Conservation. Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. 20-24/10/2008
[Abstracts Deadline: 10/04/2008]
XXIX SCOR General Meeting.  Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA. 22-24/10/2008.
[Deadline for proposals: 31/05/2008]
BioMarine 2008 Conference. Toulon and Marseille, France. 20-24/10/2008.
[Abstracts Deadline: 10/04/2008]
CIEM2008: International Congress ?Anthropogenic impacts on the marine environment. Algiers, Algeria. 27-29/10/2008.
[Abstracts Deadline: 30/05/2008]
Joint ICES/CIESM Workshop to compare Zooplankton Ecology and Methodologies between the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic. Heraklion-Crete, Greece. 27-30/10/2008.
[Abstracts Deadline: 15/05/2008]
ChEss Sponsored Workshop - Siboglinidae: a model system for the understanding of evolution, adaptive radiation, microbial symbioses and ecology at extreme environments. East-West Centre, Honolulu, Hawaii. 28-31/10/2008.
[Applications reviewed by: 15/07/2008]
Workshop: Constrain, understand and model biocomplexity in plankton communities. Napoli, Italy. 03-05/11/2008.
DISCCRS (Dissertations Initiative for the Advancement of Climate Change research) IV: Interdisciplinary Climate Research Symposium. Saguaro Lake Ranch, AZ, USA. 02-09/11/2008.
[Deadline of application: 30/04/2008]
IMBER IMBIZO conference: Integration biogeochemistry and ecosystems in a changing ocean. Miami, USA. 09-13/11/2008.
[Registration deadline: 01/06/2008]
GODAE Symposium: Global Ocean Data Assimialtion Experiment. Nice, France. 10-15/11/2008
[Deadline for submission: 30/06/2008]
WCMB: World Conference on Marine Biodiverstity. Valencia, Spain. 11-15/11/2008
EUR-OCEANS Final Meeting. Rome, Italia. 25-27/11/2008
VI Latin American Congress of Mycotoxicology & II International Symposium on Fungal and Algal Toxins for Industry. Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. 30/11/2008-04/12/2008
PORSEC 2008: Oceanic Manifestation of Global Changes. Guangzhou, China. 02-06/12/2008
[Abstract deadline: 15/07/2008]
ASLO 2009 Aquatic Sciences Meeting "A Cruise Through Nice Waters". Nice, France. 25-30/01/2009
[Session proposals: 15/04/2008]
9ICSHMO: 9th International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography.  Melbourne, Australia. 09-13/02/2009
[Deadline for abstracts: 01/08/2009]
IMCC. International Marine Conservation Congress: Making Marine Science Matter. Washington DC, USA. 20-24/05/2009
[Endline registration: 15/02/2009 || Proposals deadline: 01/06/2008]
CIAC'09 Symposium: Cephalopod International Advisory Council. Vigo, Spain. 03-11/09/2009
[Abstracts Submission: 31/01/2009]
10th International Polychaete. Lecce, Italy. 20-26/06/2010
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