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National Plan of Scientific Research Development and Technologic Innovation (I+D+I) for 2002-2003 period, approved by Ministry Council agreement, of November 12th, 1999, stipulates several participation modes, considered like mechanism that law provides for executor agents of I+D+I activities can have access to financing their activities and contributing to the essential structure of Spanish System of Science-Technology-Company. In this context, actions connected with this Plan are placed within Special Action related to I+D actions against accidental marine spills, approved in the Meeting of Permanent Commission of Interministerial Commission of Science and Technology, March 13th, 2003.

The aim of Special Action related to I+D actions against accidental marine spills, according to the objectives established in the aforementioned Integral Plan, is to improve knowledge and technology related to consequences of accidents like occurred with the Prestige vessel. The answer to arisen worries will need research and technologic development efforts prolonged for several years. These efforts will be directed through I+D projects like those ones considered in this Order, as well as through projects like those specified in priority topic areas and strategic actions of National Programmes of Natural Resources and Environment of National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technologic Innovation.

Inside the general model of I+D projects financing could exist several approaches according to the kind of executor agent and research. This order governs I+D projects which typology was described in third section, which ones could be carried out by I+D public centres, I+D non-profit-making private centres and technological centres in accordance with Royal Decree 2609/1996, December 20th. Projects should be important in size and subjects, preferably multidisciplinary, and in any case avoiding small ones that split scientific research.

Finally, two consecutive annual official announcements will be carried out for other research projects within the Special Action. A period of three years is expected for this Special Action.

Download full text in pdf format: 2003 official announcement and annexe ( closing date for applications is now past at 28/04/2003 )

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