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The number of projects, subsidized costs and researchers taking part in the Strategic Action of Ministry of Education and Science (MEC) is broken down as follows:

  Official announcement  Number of  
Number of
Subsidized costs
  Urgent Special Actions (2003)  9        155          1.194.007 €  
  VEM-2003 Projects79        552          8.555.120 €  
  Complementary Actions (2004)6        31          117.973 €  
  VEM-2004 Projects18        91          1.653.240 €  
   Special Actions (2006-2007)1        5          58.585 €  

Not counting repeated researchers of several official announcements, we have a total of 730 researchers in 113 projects of Strategic Action of MEC.

Number of projects of each official announcement according to Work Programmes (PTs) of Scientific Intervention Programme (PIC) is represented next:

Work Programmes ("Programas de Trabajo" - PTs) of Scientific Intervention Programme (PIC):

- PT1 Shipwreck associated problems study.
- PT2 Operational oceanography implementation on hydrocarbons spills.
- PT3 Fuel-oil distribution and dynamic in affected ecosystems.
- PT4 Impact on biologic systems.
- PT5 Spill socio-economical impact.

More information about listing of projects titles, main researchers (IPs), subsidized costs, etc. can be look up in Research and Technical Reports section.

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