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Special Action

Impact assessment of the Prestige spill in the shelf ecosystem and their fisheries resources. Spring season.

Main researcher: Ignacio Olaso Toca (IEO-Santander)

Budget: 128000 €

Work Plan:

To study the impact caused by the Prestige’s catastrophe on the continental shelf communities of the southern area of the Bay of Biscay, this Special Action was designed. It began studying the direct effects on the ecosystem and the indirect effects caused on the fisheries resources from an ecological point of view. The main goal objective is to estimate the impact on the main communities inhabiting the neritic zone, both the pelagic and bottom ecosystems, carrying out a sampling programme in spring which is the season of a highest increase in the primary productivity and when the reproduction and growth process of the main commercial species usually takes place. For this reason, two different surveys have been carried out in the area, one in march, using commercial vessels in the Cantabrian Sea, to respond to the fishery’s sector demands. And a multidisciplinar one, in April, in a scientific vessel in Galician and Cantabrian Sea waters.

The studies are carried out by different scientists belonging to the University (UPV/EHU), CSIC (IIM Vigo, ICM Barcelona, IIQAB Barcelona), IEO (Murcia, A Coruña and Santander). The activities are based on the information obtained from:

- The pelagic ecosystem and its fisheries.

- The bottom ecosystem and its resources.

- The trophic relations of fishes and crustaceans.

- The assessment of biological effects using biomarkers in commercial fishes and in fishes of ecological interest.

- The assessment of the impact of the fuel spilt on the potential reproductive of commercial fishes and fishes of ecological interest.

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