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Special Action

Oceanographic survey during spring bloom in Galicia and in the Cantabrian Sea.

Main researcher: Manuel Varela Rodríguez (IEO-Coruña)

Budget: 55000 €

Work Plan:

The objective is to determine the concentration of hydrocarbon in water, plankton and sediment in the Galician and Cantabrian shelf during spring to essentially evaluate the levels of hydrocarbons in the first trophic level.

The action will take advantage of the already existing oceanographic transects from the IEO and AZTI, another opportunist stations from on going projects in Galician shelf and some additional sampling points to obtain a temporal evolution of hydrography and hydrocarbon levels. It is necessary to complete the study with an station in the area of Costa da Morte (zone of Cape Fisterra-Vilano).

About 350 samples will be taken during the period of study. The analysis will be carried out n the laboratories of institutions involved in the project. In Ría de Vigo the periodicity of sampling will be twice at month, while in the rest of the area, samples will be taken once at month. Plankton larger than 20 microns will be sampled. Only in the area of A Coruña, three size classes of plankton will be sampled. Plankton fractioning will yield an idea of accumulation of fuel in the trophic web. The oceanographic transects cover a representative zone of total area affected by oil spills. The transects from Ria de Vigo, Costa da Morte and that of Pasaia in the Basque Country, cover the more affected area. Transects from IEO cover, in addition, the north area of Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria.

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