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Special Action

Oceanographic survey in the sinking area and continental slope.

Main researcher: José Manuel Cabanas López (IEO-Grupo_Norte)

Budget: 58000 €

Work Plan:

After the sinking of the ship Prestige has been come carrying out activities in the wreck to eliminate the fuel oil flights. It doesn't pass of being a temporary solution and one has foreseen to carry out a performance that eliminates the problem.

This behaves activities between the surface and the wreck, for what is necessary a recent knowledge of the oceanographic and dynamic characteristics of the water column in the sinking area that they help to make decisions of how to approach the engineering problem for the option that where considered.

The cruise objectives are:

1. Termohaline characterization of the "Prestige" sinking area, to know the current conditions for the initialization of hydrodynamic and pollutants dispersion models.

2. Termohaline characterization in the shelf and continental slope area to improve the knowledge of the oceanographic structures (fronts, coastal currents) relevant in the transport and distribution of particulate and dissolved material.

3. To improve the currents knowledge in the sinking area from the surface to the bottom.

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