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Special Action

Fuel oil wreck retained evolution model and physical-chemical properties identification.

Main researcher: Pedro Luis García Ybarra (CIEMAT)

Budget: 55000 €

Work Plan:

The actual state of the fuel-oil remaining in the tanks of the Prestige tanker and the prediction of its future dynamic evaluation will be determined by numerical simulation of the cooling processes. Additionally the thermal and physical properties of the fuel (density, viscosity, thermal conductivity, specific heat) will be experimentally measured (and/or computed) in terms of the surrounding temperature and pressure. An experimental simulation of buoyancy and phase separation behaviour at the pressure and temperature conditions prevailing around the tanker wreck will be also carried out. Given the relatively low values of the typical Reynolds number of the expected generated motions, the numerical simulation will be achieved by direct integration of the corresponding evolution equations (continuity, momentum and energy), with no additional hypothesis about the turbulent characteristics that the developed flow could exhibit.

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