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Special Action

Identification of potential geo-environmental risks and its valuation in the Prestige ship collapse zone.

Main researcher: Gemma Ercilla Zárraga (ICM-CSIC)

Budget: 260000 €

Work Plan:

This Special Action has the purpose of identifying and assessing geo-environmental risks in the sinking area of the Prestige vessel, by means of the integrated study on morphology, stratigraphy and sedimentary facies, sea bed types, tectonic structures, migration of fluids, seismicity and physical, geochemical and geotechnical properties that characterize sediment of sea bed and under sea bed. Special Action also has the purpose of determining possible pollution by fuel oil of sea bed and under sea bed and geochemical processes acting in the above-mentioned zone with the aim of assessing environmental impact. Study like that is basic in view of activity that will be carried out over shipwreck and to know about sea bed features that should be able to hold up mentioned activity, about potential impact over environment and about resultant interaction between marine environment and carried out activity. Institutions involved in this study are: Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM-CSIC), Unidad de Tecnología Marina (UTM-CSIC), Vigo University, Cádiz University, Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGM), Barcelona University, Instituto Ciencias de la Tierra Jaime Almera (ICTIJA-CSIC) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Results of present study will be transferable, in the short term, to sectors of Government, Industry, Civil Defence and Insurance Companies in order to organize prevention and preparation activities, and they also will help to set technical conditions to increase safety on people and civil works that could be affected by the Prestige's oil spill.

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