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[Place the cursor over the vessel name or over the place of the accident to get more data.]
Vessel Research Spill
Polycommander 13.000 ton.
Urquiola consult 100.000 ton.
Andros Patria 50.000 ton.
Khark 5 70.000 ton.
Sea Spirit 10.000 ton.
Aegean Sea consult 70.000 ton.
Prestige consult 63.000 ton.
Sierra Nava consult 170 ton.
Khark 5 Sea Spirit Prestige Polycommander Aegean Sea Urquiola Andros Patria Sierra Nava

In this section, we mention only the major oil spills caused by marine accidents that damaged the Spanish coasts. You can get information about other slicks around the Iberian Peninsula, from 1950 until today, in Le Cedre web site.

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