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Compile, standardize and check in documents available previous information (preceding studies, inventory, historical series, etc.) to have at disposal background and reference levels to allow distinguishing between natural or anthropogenic changes from those due to the oil spill.

Receive, according to standard rules, all the data produced by research teams of Special Actions (AE) to create a database.

Assure quality control of database, its accessibility and availability.

Develop, support and manage a Geographic Information System (GIS) with data from Special Action (AE).

Contribute to the information exchange among researches of Special Actions (AE), developing following tasks:

- Keep the Special Action web site with refreshed technical information.

- Organize scientific meetings for analysing progresses about Special Action and their results.

- Use a mailing list of e-mails for news communication, official announcements, etc.

Spread results to general public from Scientific Intervention Programme, using fundamentally the web site.

Produce reports for Scientific Coordination Commission.

Sergio Ramos Felípez
Coordinator of Technical Bureau
Graduate in Marine Sciences

Enrique Díaz Patiño

Graduate in Biology

Luis A. Alonso de Araújo

Graduate in Mathematics
Computer Technician
Universidade de Vigo
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